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Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Financial Professional, Notary, Public Speaker

Since the age of 18, Doug has been dedicating his career to the ins and outs of business and investing.  From the stock market, to real estate, to mortgage notes, to small businesses, Doug has gained experience in all forms of investing.  He now wants to focus on teaching others.  The Pittsburgh Investor platform is for consulting small businesses and beginning investors to jump start their ventures, or take their business to the next level.  If he likes your business, he's interested in investing in you.  Here's his story...

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Doug Raible

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"Doug and his team are awesome! I've been working with Doug for a few years now and he uses every meeting or call we have as another opportunity to add value to my business or the services he provides me. He's very attentive and tailors everything to fit my personal and business needs. He's a very genuine guy and I would highly recommend using his services."

Matt Bonosky

Realtor, Keller Williams

"As a self-employed contractor when my business started to take off, I found myself overwhelmed with financial responsibilities.  I had no clue where to start. Doug helped me come up with a strategy that worked with my growing business, but still supports my long term goals for retirement. He took the time to explain the process in "ENGLISH" every step of the way. Not to mention the countless times, I've called him for advice in all sort of situations. From my experience, Doug is a very driven individual with an abundance of knowledge and still continues to add value day after day."

Robert Porterfield 
Owner, Porterfield Remodeling

"Doug has been a long time friend of mine and his character has always stayed true. He was always business savvy and I often came to Doug with questions regarding business planning.  His ability to find the middle ground of relatability and understanding is uncanny."

Brendan McKenzie

Realtor, Berkshire Hathaway

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