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Pittsburgh Investor

Doug Raible
Pittsburgh Investor

Doug Raible is the Co-Owner of Sterling Heights Financial Group, LLC a full service independent financial firm, Owner of Raible Realty Investments, LLC a real estate investment company, previous investor in a marketing agency, and public speaker at his non profit for youth financial education.  Doug is also an investor owner at Secretos, LLC the first Puerto Rican Food Truck & Resaurant in Pittsburgh.

He graduated Magna Cum Laude at the University of Pittsburgh, with a degree in Accounting and Business Management.

Doug currently holds 6 licenses in financial services as well as a Notary Public in the state of Pennsylvania.

Doug started working at the age of 15 at multiple jobs including restaurants, landscaping, and cleaning dishes.  At the age of 18 he was introduced to the idea of investing.  Doug made his first investments in the stock market and experienced the power of having money work for you.  He commuted to the University of Pittsburgh while working two part time jobs in order to pay for tuition without school loans.

While studying accounting, he used these new skills to understand the stock market.  Doug continued to build a stock portfolio, but eventually ran out of capital and expanded his search to other investments.  He decided to experiment with real estate.  During his sophomore year, Doug began his first business venture Raible Realty Investments, LLC that was predicated on wholesaling property.  He completed over 20 deals a year, and began expanding into flipping houses.  Later he used this capital to invest in rental properties and lending money on short-term real estate projects. 

Pittsburgh Investor

After college, Doug Raible became a financial services professional at a Fortune 100 firm.  He was inducted into the Executive Council each year he was in business.  During this time Doug began expanding his investments into small businesses, and invested in a local media-marketing agency.  He got the opportunity to work with many big brands including Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Taylor  Gang, and several locally known restaurant and real estate brands.  In 2021 Doug invested in the first authentic Puerto Rican Restaurant and food truck.  This company is now doing 6 figure sales and proudly caters companies including Duquesne University, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Pirates, Milwaukee Brewers, and many more.


(Chevy Woods -Taylor Gang)

Pittsburgh Investor
Pittsburgh Investor

In 2018, Doug wanted to branch off and build his own firm to hire a team as well as manage his practice in a more independent fashion.  He Co-Founded Sterling Heights Financial Group, LLC, which is now a full service financial firm designed to provide superior service,  with low fees.

In his spare time, Doug Raible enjoys educating others on business and investing.  He actively speaks at local high schools and other events teaching the benefits of investing early and building your own future.  

Doug has now officially closed over 150 real estate related transactions, has investments in almost every asset class, has been a guest speaker at over 7 high schools and universities, and is actively building a portfolio of companies to invest in.  He now is focused on teaching and consulting others.  Doug's goal is to add as much value as possible to local businesses and investors to help them reach financial security and create a business they feel proud to call their own.

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